• Call us at (613) 899-1313 Nous Sommes Bilingues
  • Visit us at 5372 Calabogie Road, Hwy 508 Calabogie ON K0J 1H0
  • Our Story

  • Owners Sylvain & Jennifer

    As the owners of Calabogie Camping and R. V. Park, we have many years of experience with touring campsites and operating a campground.

    Independently, our experience began as children where during summer vacations with our parents we camped in tents and trailers at various campsites in different provinces. In our teen years, our parents settled into one campground for the whole season and it was here where we began to learn the in's & out's of campground operations by helping out the owners.

    It is through our experience as seasoned campers (ourselves) that we understand the needs and wants of campers and know what a camper expects to find at a campground.

  • We Connect You With Nature And The Great Outdoors

    If you are someone who enjoys the outdoors, you will enjoy our campground.

    Our campers take pride in caring for the environment. There is a sense of community through the camping area. As a family orientated campground, children are watched over by the many. At the end of the day, there is a sense of pride in knowing that families enjoyed good times outdoors.